Ergonomic Office Chairs – Their Features And Most Popular Types

The current market is witnessing a recent shift towards ergonomic office chairs. The reason being, ergonomic design especially incorporates such features that offer maximum comfort for humans. Hence is the need of such chairs for tasks that involve long sitting hours.

Most Important Features Of Ergonomic Office Chairs

Whether or not you’re renovating your office, you must buy ergonomic chairs for your staff to keep them healthy. The features that make ergonomic chairs different from other standard chairs are given below.

  1. These are flexible chairs. It means, their height can be adjusted according to the height of the occupant for maximum comfort
  2. Some premium quality ergonomic chairs offer headrest adjustment option as well as armrest adjustment option
  3. Ergonomic chairs have a cushioned seat and the backrest may or may not be padded. If padded, the material used is breathable. And if not, ergonomic chairs have a mesh back to allow ventilation
  4. All ergonomic chairs are movable and easy to use because they all have onboard caster or nylon wheels for swift sliding

Most Popular Ergonomic Office Chairs And Their Features

All 123ink office chairs have an ergonomic build. Therefore, you can pick any chair – according to your budget – from the list given below.

  1. Adjustable Mesh Office Chair With Footrest

This super comfortable office chair exhibits many features and the most important ones are given below.

  • It is provided with a swift and strong swivel handle that can be used to adjust the back angle, seat height, as well as the back tilt lock
  • It has nylon casters that allow noise-free motion and a comfortable footrest to help you get rid of leg cramping and fatigue
  • The headrest is arched to align with the contour of your head, providing extreme comfort
  1. TygerClaw Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair With Headrest

This ergonomic office chair is provided with a headrest that can actually be adjusted to suit the height of the occupant. The most stunning features that make this ergonomic chair different from the others are given below.

  • It has unique tension control and tilt control features that help in minimizing strain on the back, head, and shoulders
  • It is supplied with nylon casters and the seat can be adjusted at different height levels to fit people with different profiles
  • The armrest is made taller and wider than normal to offer comfort while properly aligning the arms for working
  • It has a breathable back mesh and the seat is cushioned to reduce pressure on any specific part while sitting