The Benefits of a Clean Sweep

According to any one of a number of reports there are in excess of 100,000 flights each day. Regardless of how accurate those numbers are it is obvious that air travel is a busy business. That doesn’t only mean a considerable amount of aircraft in the sky but on the tarmacs, runways, and at airports all around the world. If you have ever walked into any type of store following a rain or snow storm, it is apparent of how much dirt and debris can be left behind by foot traffic. Now imagine the amount of debris left by a plane. Think about the debris and dirt and who-knows-what left on those runways. While you won’t see 100,000 flights a day at your facility a reliable and effective FOD sweeper will make a difference.

Benefits of the Right FOD Sweeper

The benefits of a clean tarmac and removing foreign object debris (FOD), goes far beyond the aesthetic appeal and professional appearance of your runways, taxiways, and tarmacs.

Saves Money

The expenses of FOD are considerable and will grow as your business grows. Unless airlines and airfields make a concentrated effort to remove FOD. This isn’t any type of revelation but it is the reason that airlines, airports and installations invest so much time and effort in removing this debris. The cost of repairs, replacement parts, and other expenses caused by FOD can be greatly reduced with proper FOD sweeping. While the benefits of saving money from reducing FOD-related issues is smart and worthwhile, it fails by comparison to the most important reason for FOD cleanup…

Saves Lives

In the worst case scenario, FOD can bring down a plane. Due to the vortex suction created by aircraft, FOD buid-up, residue and damage can all contribute to damaged engines, wheels and propellers which can result in crashes. Having a professionally run airport is important. Extending the life of aircraft, reducing expenses and saving time is smart. Keeping those in the air and on the ground safe, however, isn’t an option.

The FOD Solution

Eliminating FOD isn’t realistic or possible. Keeping runways, taxiways, tarmacs, airfields and other surfaces free of FOD, on the other hand, is smart, safe and easier than ever with an effective FOD sweeper. Surprisingly easy to use and store, FOD sweepers offer many benefits for everyone. FOD is just something airports must deal with and the right sweeper is the right FOD solution. Savings, safety, appearance and more. These are just a few of the benefits of a clean sweep and why FOD solutions just make good sense.