The Different Kinds of Packaging Systems Available to Business

When industry moves freight across the nations, cities or continents it needs to know it can rely on a courier it can trust. But when you are shipping extraordinary freight, the only solution is to find a specialist shipper and an expert in the field of moving sensitive produce.

By sensitive produce, we refer to items like food and agricultural produce, drugs, vaccines, biological matter and live samples. The industries of agriculture and life sciences make up the bulk of the custom aimed at the logistics industry. For it is they who move sensitive and temperature-controlled goods in bulk.

The products need handling carefully and kept in a state where the humidity and temperature is exactly as the manufacturer demands it. At Softbox, one of the world’s leading businesses transport systems, there are many options to choose from when deciding which type of packaging you want or need.

Pallet in Pallet Shippers

Used extensively and regularly by the pharmaceutical industry and Life Sciences. These two industries demand its produce be moved in a temperature-sensitive manner. Often, consignments will travel halfway round the world and the climate-controlled shipment has to be maintained at all times.

Pallet in Pallet Shippers are ideal for large consignments where hundreds of pallets are being shipped in one go. Pallet in Pallet Shippers can maintain the desired temperature of the product for up to 120 hours.

Pallet Shippers

Pallet Shippers are the perfect system for bulk consignments. The incredible impact this type of system has is often taken for granted. These isothermal packaging systems will maintain the manufacturer’s desired temperature and climate status for up 120 hours. This gives it more than enough time to arrive at the destination in its desired state.

Pallet Covers

Thermally-insulated covers will guard against sudden drops or rises in temperature. This packaging system also protects against frost and dust too.

Reusable Shippers

This packaging system meets all the demands required of temperature and cold chain maintenance. Using reusable shippers keeps the carbon footprint at bay and reduce the cost incurred of waste disposal.

Parcel Shippers

Parcel Shippers is ideal for single use consignments and goods that will fit in a hand-held box.

Customised Shipping Systems

The Customised Shipping Systems are designed and tested for specific needs of a client. There are many new products coming out which demand a control that other packaging systems might not meet.